Mary Anne Funk

Photo Credit: Chris Ryan Benham

My commitment isn’t just to capture the image or story: My commitment is to advocating for the needs and issues of the people and stories that are captured through my lens and through my audio.
Mary Anne Funk

Personal Statement

I feel that my personal life experiences have lead me down this path and have given me the ability to feel comfortable in any situation and with anyone I talk to.

Living in poverty, having been raised in and out of foster care with children who came from and went back to abusive homes, as well as having moments in life where I’ve helped my birth mother though several chronic illnesses; including breast cancer, and having been sexually assaulted and raped as a child, has made me more aware and empathetic to individual struggles around me. I feel that those experiences, although difficult to go through, have provided a deeper trust with everyone I’ve interviewed.

The stories I’ve told and the people I’ve met have left an indelible mark that I will carry with me forever.

Peace and Love, Mary Anne Funk


Mary Anne Funk: Photojournalist, Visual Anthropologist and Social Documentary photographer: for an applied purpose in advocacy, social awareness and ongoing discussion. Mary Anne Funk Previous last name: Benner Visual Ethnographer – documentary photographer – Lifestyle Photographer – Multi-media specialist – Ethnographic Researcher – Interviewer – Filmmaker – Photographer – Videographer – Video Editor