Documenting the lived experience and human condition

Mary Anne Funk: documentary photographer, multimedia journalist and visual ethnographer based out of Portland, Oregon.

Mary Anne Funk_ Portland, Oregon Documentary Photographer

My primary focus is social issues pertaining to the human condition and the lived experience of chronic illness. I use audio and visual methods to create audio stories, documentaries, photo stories and multi-media projects that provide a holistic understanding and that promote further discussion and community based activism.

My work is about promoting ongoing education, understanding, advocacy, community organizing, outreach, and social awareness.

I believe that there are no wrong turns. There are only multiple directions leading you to the ultimate path you were meant to be on. Allow yourself to be open to the path that is in front of you and all of the directions it may take you, even when it seems like a path that you are feeling uncertain on. Look at every turn as an opportunity to learn, to create, and to grow. It is on those paths that we truly learn to be artists.

I feel that my personal life experiences have lead me down this path and have given me the ability to feel comfortable in any situation and with anyone I talk to.

Living in poverty, having been raised in and out of foster care, having been sexually assaulted as a child, and having moments in life where I’ve helped my birth mother though several chronic illnesses; has made me more aware and empathetic to individual struggles around me. I feel that those experiences, although difficult to go through, have provided a deeper trust with everyone who shares their story with me.