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Sharing the Scraps by Wynde DyerLive Stream Event: Sharing the Scraps | Artist Talk with Wynde Dyer
Date: April 17, 2016
Venue: Stumptown Division
Location: Portland, Oregon
Hosted by: Wynde Dyer
Recorded by: Mary Anne Funk
About: Artist, Wynde Dyer talks about her recent project, Sharing The Scraps. Sharing the Scraps is a project that address income inequity and housing inequality in Portland, Oregon.
See photos and learn more about Wynde’s project at:  Sharing the Scraps



Live Stream Event: America’s Next Top Candidate Event.
Venue: McMenamins Mission Theater
Location: Portland, Oregon
Client: Know Your City
Hosted by: Know Your City and The Bus Project
Recorded by: Mary Anne Funk
About: The Bus Project and Know Your City present AMERICA’S NEXT TOP CANDIDATE: an election year showcase that reveals a more interesting side of the local leaders who are competing for your vote.



17streetopia-e1454782918174Live Stream Event: Streetopia
Venue: Independent Publishing Resource Center
Location: Portland, Oregon
Hosted by: Know Your City and Streetopia
Recorded by: Mary Anne Funk
About: Artists, activists and community coming together sharing resources and space and focusing on the people, the community and the culture who are already there.

When you sever community ties you put people in danger. Erick Lyle



urban-league-event-768x512Live Stream Event: BLACK LIVES MATTER AND THE STATE OF OVER POLICING
Date: March 9, 2016
Venue:Billy Webb Elks Lodge
Location:Portland, Oregon
Hosted by: Urban League of Portland and Know Your City
Recorded by: Mary Anne Funk
About: A community panel to reassess how the Oregon Department of Justice has been held accountable months after this discovery, and how black-led organizations are responding to government over policing in Oregon.



Live Stream Event: Food Justice and the Civil Rights Movement
Date: January 18, 2016
Venue: People’s Co-op
Location: Portland, Oregon
Hosted by: Know Your City and People’s Co-Op
Recorded by:  Mary Anne Funk
About: Community dialogue with speakers who organize for food justice and racial justice in our local community. Topics included gentrification, displacement, culturally responsive food gardens, and equity in local food policy.