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Redefining perceptions of homelessness

Troy – Hazelnut Grove

  Troy at Hazelnut Grove cleans dishes with a smile October 27, 2015 Hazelnut Grove Community Photo by Mary Anne Funk ©2015 Hazelnut Grove/Mary Anne Funk

Steve Kimes | Anawim Christian Community | Serving the poor community

  Serving The Poor Community January 16, 2015 | Photo by Mary Anne Funk During the initial walk through at Birch Community Services, Steve Kimes, front left, of Anawim Christian Community, along with various other organizations who are working with the poor communities in the […]

Diane Kimes | Anawim Christian Community

Diane Kimes of Anawim Christian Community, prepares a meal for the Anawim Community House meal and church service. Diane Kimes and her husband, Pastor Steve Kimes, have been serving the homeless community and the working poor community since the mid 1990’s.

Diver | Anawim Christian Community

  Diver toils the Anawim Sanctuary Grounds. Diver is a member of Anawim’s community home in N. Portland. He spends every Friday at the Sanctuary working on various projects. He is also the volunteer coordinator, overseeing what needs to be done, who’s working on it, and […]


Organization – Anawim Christian Community Location – at St. Johns Covenant Church © Mary Anne Funk with unlimited usage rights granted solely to Anawim Christian Community September 2014