Documenting the lived experience and human condition

Community Caring

Mary Anne Funk is working independently and in conjunction with several organizations and the community in and around Portland, Oregon to develop  a series of photo-essays, audio stories and documentaries focused on moments in time, the human condition, advocacy, social marginalization, and community caring. These stories show a community of people who care for one another and who are actively working to make our communities, communities of hope, love, acceptance, and togetherness.

Community Love

Community Love

Michael is living in poverty, yet he does what he can and uses what little resources he has, to help others. In this photo, Michael is preparing sandwiches for Hazelnut Grove community, a homeless camp in North Portland: Support North Greeley Homeless Camp Michael knows […]


Organization – Anawim Christian Community Location – at St. Johns Covenant Church © Mary Anne Funk with unlimited usage rights granted solely to Anawim Christian Community September 2014