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Saint and Angel

Saint and Angel

Audio Story: Saint and Angel at Forgotten Realms.

Saint and Angel are married. They first became homeless together after Saint lost his job. Like many working poor americans, they were living paycheck to paycheck with nothing in savings and although he was looking for another job, it didn’t come in time to cover their rent.

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They are currently not living together because Angel is in a treatment program where she is housed and not able to have her husband with her in her place. Saint is staying at and working on setting up a homeless camp in North Portland, Oregon, called Forgotten Realms where they both have found community and a chance to rebuild their lives together as they work toward their future.

It has been Saints dream since he was a child to set up homeless camps all throughout the United States which he calls Sherwood, after Robin Hood. He relates Sherwood to the group of individuals who are pushed aside in society with no place to go. Angel’s love and support of her husband’s life dream is helping him to realize that it is possible. Together they will work together to help Forgotten Realms and work toward bringing Sherwood to fruition.